Liquid Wallpaper - features and advantages of products

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The number of modern finishing materials for walls and ceilings pleasantly surprised. You can create a truly colorful and unique interior without huge financial costs. To use for this purpose can, for example, liquid Wallpaper. What features and benefits they have that we now discuss.

Key features material
Decorative plaster, liquid Wallpaper in Kiev are often confused with each other. However, the total between these materials is only one – you should apply them using a spatula. As for the difference, the main difference lies in the composition: for the production of liquid Wallpaper finish using the finest pulp, cotton and silk fibres, and no cement and sand. The binder becomes adhesive.

After finishing with the innovative material, the wall is formed, between the Wallpaper of the paper designer plaster.

How to apply liquid Wallpaper and whether or not they are in "liquid" state? From the manufacturer the products are delivered in dry form. In the future, the powder must be diluted with water in accordance with the provisions of the manual. The mixture should be semi-liquid. The final result will surprise you: the plastic material makes it easy to create different prints, patterns and even pictures. For the same reasons that coverage will not be seamless. Plastic Wallpaper block cracks, cavities and other insignificant defects in the ceilings/walls. Pre-finishing of surfaces prior to application is not required.

The cost of pleasure
Prices for liquid wall depend mainly on the characteristics of composition and how much of the crushed base. In addition, it takes into account the following points:
  • The presence/absence of particles of wool and mother of pearl. These ingredients included in the composition in order to improve the aesthetic characteristics of the trim. However, the cost of material is also subject to their availability increases slightly;
  • The pricing policy of the manufacturer. For product development we can thank Japan, so the price of Japanese liquid Wallpaper is not as readily available as on the proposals of the producers of other countries;
  • The presence/absence of particles of linen, cotton and silk. If in addition to the cellulose fibers in the composition of the liquid Wallpaper has particles of more expensive materials, the market cost of production will be higher.

Whatever the cost of liquid Wallpaper, it always pays for itself. You can create a unique design on the walls or ceiling. By the way, to cope with the work you will be able on their own – a professional tool or specific knowledge not needed for this. The pristine beauty of the finish will remain unchanged for 6-8 years at least. The use of the material is permitted with any walls and a ceiling from concrete to brick.


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