Cheap apartments in the primary market in Syktyvkar

Forty six million eight hundred forty thousand one hundred sixty five

The outflow of the population from Syktyvkar and economic crisis provoked a drop in demand for housing, starting in 2016. If up to this point sale was an option for profitable investments and accumulate capital, for the current date new home has become a common household need. And considering the poor paying capacity of the citizens to buy apartments try as much as absolutely necessary. Moreover, banks are reluctant to lend to people, which also affects the decrease in demand. After all, active means to make an expensive purchase, the townspeople are almost there.

What is the cost to navigate
As the statistics of the current year, the highest is the cost per square meter in one - and two-bedroom apartments. A lot of proposals in Syktyvkar can be found on the website, where a secondary market for housing.
  • "Odnushku" on the average asking 29 thousand.e.
  • One-bedroom apartment will cost about 40 thousand dollars.
  • If you need apartment with 3 rooms, then get ready to pay almost 56 000 $.
Four-bedroom and larger will cost 80 thousand. And by area they range from 100 m2. The average size of the two variants will be 51 – 53 m2. One-room house can be purchased with area of 35 squares.

I must say that buildings cost not much more expensive. Given the decline in payment capacity and demand for residential property, developers began to offer options for economy apartments. This means that the number of rooms remains, and their dimensions are reduced.

Available are apartments with a rough finish. The buyer offered inexpensive square meters with walls, floors and ceilings, ready for finishing. It will only remain to determine the repair and to do everything to your taste.

Affordable housing in new buildings
It so happened that in 2010 – 2014 years actively conducted the construction of new homes. The main part of the neighborhoods beginning to give up in 2017 – 2018. And offer has considerably exceeded demand. This situation has triggered unhealthy competition among developers and reduce the cost of square meters.

Another reason is the decrease in the area of housing. Large apartments have become unprofitable. They are difficult to contain during the heating season. So buyers looking for economy options in terms of volume and value. Developers, who quickly oriented to the requirements of the clients, was able to offer popular options for apartments in Syktyvkar. Also prudent developers have arrangements in banks to a decline in mortgage lending. And this is another way to make a purchase beneficial. And purchased housing will be new, that is already an advantage if to compare with the "secondary".


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