Features iron-on t-shirt

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Printing becomes popular, it effectively transforms, makes the clothes more fashionable, stylish. But often this approach is used exclusively for commercial purposes to hold an advertising campaign, to attract the user's attention to products and services. If you are interested in high quality t-shirt printing, you will be able to realize any designs. There is a classic and business-rigorous solution, it is possible to create and more creative.

Features sublimation
It is technically established process, so you'll be able to quickly process large volumes. Applied images on t-shirts, hoodies, t-shirts, fabric. Sometimes this method is called thermal transfer. Need to create beautiful clothes with unique ornaments, pictures, to emphasize the reasonableness of style. If we talk about shirts, they are universal, therefore so popular. They can easily match with different clothing pieces, creating a casual and sporty style. Other features:
  • You can make one color, two color, tricolor, multicolor prints.
  • If you have ideas, drawings, all this will delicately put into practice.
  • Typically, the garment or fabric is light, but you can put the image on colored counterparts.
  • Thanks to modern equipment can rapidly process even large applications, such as those requiring a few dozen of the hundreds of titles for presentations, PR events and celebrations.
  • In the process the fabric is not deformed, it remains solid, the threads are not stratified, the image is applied evenly, it remains.

Other features and advantages of the qualitative approach
Other features too much. For example, modern equipment β€” a guarantee clear graphics, excellent color palette, print longevity. In accordance with the recommendations from the manufacturer can be treated tissue at an appropriate temperature, to wash them in machine or manual mode, this will not affect the quality of the deposited forms, logos, drawings.

In the catalog you can see samples of work, learn more about the process of heat transfer. To start, create a project on the computer, which takes into account all the wishes, color, shape, size. Experts create a ready transfer, applied material, is heated in the corresponding mode, then remove the backing. This is why the image is extremely precise, smooth, symmetrical.

On the website https://edart.ru/serv/termoperenos-na-futbolkax/ have quality photos that proves once again how accurately it will be able to do everything. If you put the image, the print, the fabric remains elastic, it does not form a crust, it is pleasant to the touch. In fact, the image does not give itself felt, attracting only visually.


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