A large variety of garden machinery

Fifty four million six hundred fourteen thousand eight hundred twenty three

A great online store offers gasoline and other lawn mowers, as well as a large variety of garden machinery, equipment, pumps, pumps, boats, power tools, welding equipment, power plants, and it is not a complete list. It's nice that all the splendor gathered on one site. If you are interested in quality, then shop Agrus will allow you to verify this. For convenience, all graded by producers, width of cut, engine, type, power. Many models have the option of mulching, there are self-propelled counterparts.

Great equipment at reasonable prices
Technique standing. To make selection easier, there is a virtual calculator that allows you to set the options you want, prices. The description provides a detailed information:
  • Manufacturer, cutting width, engine.
  • Startup type, the volume of the grass collector, ball bearing wheels.
  • Cutting height, samorodnostju, power horsepower.
  • Housing type, warranty, weight, brand.

Since the products are original, that provided a long guarantee, which comes to 24 months. Type of housing usually rest, anti-corrosion. If you follow simple recommendations, the service life of household appliances exceeds 10 years or more.

Everything for garden and kitchen garden
The range of the catalog is maintained and updated. It often happens that the more profitable it not growing vegetables on the site, and only a careful processing. In recent years, increased interest in such instruments and on the part of older people who do not plan to plant large areas of vegetables are only a small part for fruit trees, greenhouses, shrubs. And all the rest of the space can be neatly processed. Many lawn mowers are so light that they easily appeal and the elderly. It is not surprising that in the countries of Europe and North America often you can see people young and old that are as easily managed mower. Now everyone in Ukraine is also a great opportunity to buy the original equipment from leading manufacturers at affordable prices.

All products are covered by a guarantee of quality within the statutory period if necessary, you can return the product exchanged. Since the prices are reasonable, the users often buy complete: accessories, aerators, garden vacuums, lawn mowers. All of this will be promptly delivered to the destination.


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