Effective feeding from manufacturers. Advantages

Good fishing will not only provide healthy and nutritious food, but also will cheer up the very fisherman and his family. To all went "like clockwork", created a variety of bait. In particular, the company agro-SAM is known in many regions of the country quality of its products. Interestingly, in the Internet there are many forums and tips about how to do everything with your hands. But experience shows that a professional approach is always more profitable, more productive.

In essence Podkarpackie only use them for carp fishing, carp, bream, roach — they are most common in our waters. However, there are versatile options that are suitable for other types of fish.

  • Created from natural components: biological material maggots, worms, mussels, bloodworms and others.
  • Includes herbal ingredients: barley, corn, dough, sunflower seed cake and so on.
  • The opportunity to order from the manufacturer's products in any amount. It is relevant not only for individuals but also for removechecked farms, entrepreneurs.
  • They are created in the form grinding of different size, there are options in the briquettes of different parameters. They are sticky, do not create turbidity.

No bait fishing will not do
Really, so the time was not wasted, you need to prepare in advance. Professional approach good for the fact that the composition of baits and there are fragrances that cannot be detected by people, but are extremely attractive to fish. For example, the flavors of cake or corn, the scent of a worm or maggots, and other impurities. Preliminary kneading and softening in water is not required.

Users also appreciated the fact that the pieces regardless of the amount of not drowning, they are effective even at freezing temperatures reaching -25 degrees — perfect for winter fishing. Often manufacturers part add and amino acids, chopped shrimp, glycerin, milled grains. In any case, the detailed composition of the product specified on the packaging.

If you take in stores, working directly with manufacturers, the price will be lower than the regional average. This is due to the optimization of the supply networks, direct, and, as a consequence, the absence of trade markups.


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