Went to the hairdresser and learned how to do a feminine hairstyle. Now only myself!

Since ancient times, female beauty is associated with a range of colours and the main symbol of attractiveness are considered to be ladies ' hair. A resourceful hairdressing experts decided to combine these two elements and created the most feminine and romantic hairstyles. Looks really divine…

Seventy million seven hundred eight thousand five hundred eighteen

Edition «Site» have prepared for you 15 options hairstyles with flowers. They are ideal for light walks on the beach and even for work.

Hairstyles with flowers in hair
  1. Add to the usual Greek hairstyles, which are made in a matter of minutes, a couple of flowers or a headband. Quite a different view.
    Twenty three million one hundred two thousand nine hundred thirty four

  2. Layered netting can be decorated with Golden branches. Great for prom or wedding.
    Ninety one million seven hundred eighty seven thousand nine hundred seventy

  3. Say anything about to plait flowers, and she is immediately transformed. To Xhosa turned out to be voluminous, you need to do shirring hair or fleece.
    Seventy nine million eight hundred eighty seven thousand seven hundred eighteen

  4. Wreaths of flowers, the best way emphasize feminine beauty.
    Ninety four million six hundred fifty nine thousand fifty

  5. To wind the hair and gather them into a bundle. Decorate it with flowers and are very easy and gentle way ready!
    Sixty one million three hundred ninety six thousand two hundred fifty four

  6. Can just add a couple of buds along the entire length.
    Forty eight million three hundred ninety three thousand one hundred ninety two

  7. Nice and unobtrusive.
    Ninety five million sixty eight thousand one hundred eighty four

  8. Combine flowers of different kind and size to get a unique hairstyle.
    Twenty six million eight hundred thirty six thousand three hundred eighty eight

  9. Minimalism is still one didn't.
    Sixty four million eight hundred seventy one thousand six hundred ninety four

  10. Artificial flowers certainly do look amazing, like living, but they are out of season. And make them from fabric is easy.
    Thirty five million four hundred sixty eight thousand two hundred twenty seven

  11. Decoration in her hair play the same role as the clothes. They can set the mood the simplest way.
    Fifty three million seven hundred forty one thousand four hundred eighty nine

  12. The eyes do not tear! Not necessary to use large buds or the whole composition. Thin headbands to create a small, but very bright accent.
    Sixty eight million five hundred seventy nine thousand nine hundred eighty nine

  13. Only one flower, but the woman looks more attractive.
    Eight million four hundred eleven thousand three hundred fifty nine

  14. This decoration will transform even the most boring way. Just imagine: bad weather, rain, dark coats, and on your head that's the beauty.
    Nine million six hundred fifty thousand one hundred thirty three

  15. And some beautiful ideas for inspiration.
    Sixteen million five hundred twenty three thousand two hundred forty

That way you can make a beautiful hairstyle. You can decorate just combed hair colors, and your image will already be romantic. Share this wonderful collection of photos with their friends in social networks!

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