10 weird things that happen with your body during flight in the plane

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Finally it's holiday time and many of us here-here will fall in the salons of the winged cars, to go to warmer climes. However, some are anxious about air travel, associating this process with a lot of inconvenience.

We at the Website decided to find out how flight affects our bodies, and discovered some interesting things.

Swollen feet

The cabin is not a place in which we can move freely, stretching the limb. Unfortunately,the lack of mobility contributes to the stagnation of blood in the legs, which at best will lead to swelling, and at worst — to thrombosis.

This can be avoided from time to time flexing the legs and not allowing the blood to stagnate.

Changing taste preferences

Scientists have found that during the flight areas of the brain responsible for our taste preferences begin to work differently. Even avid sweet tooth on Board may want pizza and tomato juice.

Appears bad breath

Due to dehydration during the flight, our body produces less saliva. This is the reason that in your mouth actively multiplying bacteria, causing an unpleasant smell.

To avoid such consequences possible, to use before the flight only healthy food and taking on Board a mint.

There are problems with the skin

Another consequence of dehydration — flaky skin and pimples. The protective function of our skin is lessened in the dry environment of the "plane" of air, hence, there are different problems with Outlook.

To eliminate such trouble is possible, if you capture on Board a little moisturizer.

There is a giddiness


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