Mom covered for a premature baby with a glove. Nurses were deeply moved by the...

Each of us needs warmth, affection and care. Love is necessary for every living being, anyone who is able to feel. Not feeling the love, people die while still living. Also love can bring and the story you now know just about the saving power of this incredible feeling!

Our heroine's name is Yamil Jackson. Her baby son Zachary, was born 12 weeks too early. He weighed only 1200 grams and was in the Department of premature babies. It looked at the baby's cradle, but at night, the doctors sent her home...

Premature newborn rebenka not undertake to describe the desperate mother, whose child was born prematurely. Such babies suffer from apnea, when breathing nearly stops. Also they have bradycardia, slow heartbeat. Little live ball weighing 1 kg may not survive...

Yamil was with the baby all the time during the day but at night had to leave. Each time, leaving the baby, Yamil was afraid I'd return and find him dead.

A woman who has had a great grief should not despair. Even in such a difficult situation It did not give up! She cried a lot, worried, but hoping for the best. Because of her love and hope she came up with a wonderful thing...

Coming home, It was doing the usual household chores, preparing food and washing dishes. She kept thinking about the baby left in the hospital. Once her eyes fell on the usual rubber gloves... And then mom got an idea!

It was filled with conventional fabric glove with flax seed and picked it up the next day in the hospital. While she sat beside him, holding the glove at the body. The fabric absorbed her scent, and the seeds inside the glove was warm. Going home for the night, the woman covered with a glove baby Zacharias.

The next day the nurse happily told Yamil that her son slept peacefully, he had no problems with heartbeat and breathing. Now the woman left the glove in the crib baby, every night!

Nurses asked for a creative mom to make the same gloves for other moms. She personally sewed and brought more than 100 models of gloves of different fabrics for mothers who suffered the same plight. Nursing of premature infants is a challenging job. Nurses simply do not have time for each baby to give enough time! Miracle gloves were a real salvation...

Now It is a company which manufactures special gloves La premature babies and sells them. Her son is already a teenager. He is very proud of his mom! This invention helps thousands of children around the world. Even if the baby is sleeping at home in his bed, the glove with the mother's smell will not be superfluous: it calms the nervous system of the baby and gives a carefree sleep.

The power of love is capable of anything, only love conquers death. Tell your friends this story! We not only admire the force of will of his mother, who believed in a better future for your child. We offer you to always believe the best, because it will inevitably lead you to happiness!

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