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Every day we are faced with rudeness and even do not noticeThere are people who know all about you. You even think it, already fell into the category of unreliable citizens. They read your thoughts, I suspect your children and hate your dogs. They are everywhere. In the subway, in stores, on the streets. It's a people — watcher.

Let them shout you in a trace: "where you're going for the washed" and brandishing a wet, dirty rag. That they bring you to tears in the queues. In contrast to grandmothers on a bench who just heard about your family life, people — watchmen who have the power. They may require to inspect your bag, although it is prohibited by law. To check your passport. To intimidate your children. It does not matter which position they take, they have one thing in common – they despise you.

When I first went abroad, I went to the shops, plunging his head into his shoulders. It was the nineties, and I, being in the supermarket, absolutely no idea what to do, how to pay, do all you can to take. It's funny now, back then it was very dramatic. I stand in front of shelves, you see, to me, is a huge man in uniform, I almost fainted from horror. He walked over, took from my hands the basket and carried me around the store, helping with shopping, escorted to the cashier and wished him a happy day. His colleague at the exit asked for the check, drew a Bunny on it and wrote "welcome to our store." Honestly, these people have done for me nothing less than all my therapists put together. They showed that in any place you have a right to respect.

Last week I bought a well-known online store. Shipping by courier. Not only that, he was an hour late, and because of this all my plans were disrupted. Not only that, he didn't have the Deposit (the amount is not significant, I would and so she left him, but I really don't like it when someone manages my money but me). Moreover I expressed that I was uncomfortable to live (the very center of St. Petersburg) and high (second floor) and could go outside.

And most importantly — the book smelled like cigarettes. For me, reading books is a ritual when I sit down in a chair, pour yourself a Cup of tea and read.Otherwise, why buy a paper book? You can buy e-seven times cheaper. I called the administrator of a delivery service and complained. At eight in the morning, the doorbell rang courier, threw me my hundred and twenty roubles, and said that because of people like me, affected normal people. Although it was not the money but the smell of cigarettes, which is not weathered. And it is also about respect. Respect for the people who use your services.


Every day we encounter rudeness. We don't even notice. We are trying to justify rudeness cleaners, they never paid. Couriers — they are tired after a day on the feet. The guards, what they take, what normal person would go to such work. We forget the most important thing — they chose not to. They themselves have chosen. I don't see any difference between a person who washes floors clean, and a person who, for example, serves me in the Bank. It is equally respectable job.

To learn to respect themselves and to respect others. Learn to respect your work and others'. Many years ago I was an Intern in an organization that helped women who find themselves in difficult life situations. It was the frightened, humiliated people who suddenly, perhaps for the first time in my life, was in a tolerable human conditions. And then they showed itself in all its glory. They abused the staff, rude doctors and psychologists, scandal because of the color of linen, went to complain to the head physician for the lack of sweetness of the compote for lunch.

You know, they just released. They have ceased to be dependent and humiliated and instantly demanded compensation for their destroyed self-esteem. They were on the other side of the fence. In their understanding, perhaps, to be either slave or master.But not a free man. Any kind gesture they rated as a weakness. And needed a lot of time and effort to help them learn to live, not humbling and humiliating.

The question may arise, how to deal with it and whether it is necessary to do so. There is such a Gypsy proverb, "it is impossible to cover his skirt the whole world." I ignore if possible and defend their rights if violated my interests. But I find it easier to pass by than come to grips with the fact that it is impossible to win. I can't my skirt to cover the whole world. published


Author: Elena Pasternak

P. S. And remember, just changing your mind — together we change the world! ©



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