Scientists have developed a disinfectant paper

Scientists of Rutgers University (USA) have invented a cheap and effective way to kill bacteria and disinfect surfaces using the device on the basis of the paper.

"Paper, an ancient material with unique properties, weather to use latest technologies, says Aaron Mazzeo, one of the researchers. We found that by applying to the stack of metallized paper is high voltage, we can create the plasma, i.e. the combination of heat, ultraviolet radiation and ozone, which kills germs".

Such paper disinfection can be used in light industry, to create clothing, laboratory equipment and medical dressings, which are themselves sterilized. With their help it is possible to restrain the spread of outbreaks of epidemic scale of Ebola in West Africa.

The invention consists of paper with a thin layer of aluminum and hexagonal patterns, which serve to produce the plasma or ionized gas. The porous and fibrous nature of paper allows the gas to pass through it, filled with plasma and to provide cooling.

In the experiment, disinfection has killed more than 99% of the fungi Saccharomyces cerevisiae (Baker's yeast) and 99.9% of coliform bacteria. Preliminary results show that even dead bacteria spores that are usually difficult to destroy by conventional methods of sterilization.

"To our knowledge we are the first who uses paper as a basis for the production of plasma," says Zinzin CoE, lead author of the study.

The paper can be not only a means of destroying bacteria, but a convenient carrier of bacterial cells. Scientists at the state University of new York found how to force the microbes to produce electricity, sufficient to power biosensors. Paper battery can work in waste water or body fluids. published


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