Under one roof with vampires! Which plants pull you dry.

For plants the love of a man not less important than timely watering and good soil. They ought to give you the care that you give them daily. Plants purify the air and take on a negative energy, which accumulates in the spaces during the day.

The aura of plants is very complex. The more it will match with your aura, the more sympathy you will feel for certain plants. Well-chosen plants will enhance not only power the house, but also your spiritual and physical health.

Today the editors of "Site" will introduce you to plants that you want to seat more, and plants that should be avoided.

Rasteniyami energy vampires
  1. Ivy
    Like other climbing plants, ivy draws in a variety of diseases, gives rise to quarrels. It is not desirable to keep even in offices. Ivy has a masculine energy and practically survival of the men of the house.

  2. Monstera
    Beware of this plant! In no case do not put the monster in the bedrooms and children's rooms. If you have children or elderly people, monstera will actively feed them. In the house it is better not to keep.

  3. Dieffenbachia
    Strongly not suitable for small spaces. Takes energy indiscriminately — both positive and negative. Will be useful in spacious areas, where it will be a good purifier.

  4. Begonia
    The plant is a vampire, but the vampire is useful. If you have frequent guests, put one or two of the pot with this exquisite flower on the South windowsill. Begonia will take all the energy — both positive and negative, and after a while will return you the good part.


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