Sometimes, to help a child, something needs to be banned!

In search of treasureWe are all born with the fear of difficulty, this is a normal situation.And if you think about it, you will realize that for survival it is also normal to be afraid of difficulties.The question is to see around dragon's treasure, in order that the difficulty was more attractive than the fear of difficulties.

And here is what the difficulties, grown gradually in the process of becoming, in the process of free games, depending on how your kids are free to do nothing, but it does not need any external incentives.

Sometimes, to help, you need to prohibit something.

Today I tell my youngest child (he's 11 years old): "For today, no more screens." And for him, as for all children, the rest of the family member and close friend. And I say: "stop, enough". Before, when he was seven years old, he started to moan: "Well, turn on computer, turn on the cartoon." Now he quickly finds fun. I said, "No, stop it, and stop whining." "I'm going to whine," he answered, "you know what to do, so I stopped whining". I said, "Yes, I understand very well why you want to watch, but no, that's no more."

And when he comes, he suddenly stops, 15 minute it is not audible, and then walk past his room, and there are already polar bears are flying into space, some of the soldiers organize the expedition and to take someone prisoner, it is a lot I have played with different plastic figures.

I also want to say that each child has their own ways of playing, which is completely different from the games of other children. I have four children, and each of them had their own games. My daughter, for example, does not like to play with dolls, she liked to make the kitchen to prepare food, bear in wheelchairs carried, and with dolls she played with her friends. We had dolls, which I actually bought myself because they were very cute, but she was playing them. But she played a lot with the movements now dancing and generally very good bodily oriented.

And the youngest son is the only one of the children were playing with plastic and rubber figures. But not played Legos, and the older, they are now 18 and 17 years old at the time played. But the eldest, Anton, was playing in a living situation in LEGO city, loved building a city, trash, planes, police stations, this was his favorite sets. Could a week to build a house with all the details − baths, kitchens, sinks, stables, garage, machinery. But the second son, middle, loved star wars, something fancy, he played more, but to pave the road or build houses, ever.

So I suggest to watch their children and give them the opportunity for something to unfold.Because to hear yourself is actually very difficult.No one is born with understanding yourself, any hum and noise from outside throws it's self-understanding and the self in the asphalt. Should be very tender to treat these germs of independence, to search for himself. The best thing you can do is to provide a space where the child can freely, with no external rumble yourself to explore. published

Author: Olga Pisarik


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