NASA testing new motor that will be able to deliver humans to Mars

Scientists and engineers at the American space Agency NASA began testing a new powerful electric propulsion system, which in the near future will be able to nominate devices to new missions much farther into space than is possible now. An experimental model of engine Hall (Rocket Hall Effect with Magnetic Shielding, "HERMeS"), one kind of ion engine that has a power of 12.5 kilowatts, at least three times more power any of the other similar systems.

Currently, the HERMeS engine is installed in a vacuum chamber of the Research center NASA Glenn, where he works in conditions close to the conditions in real space. And the use of such engines will in systems using solar energy (solar electric propulsion, SEP), which will consume ten times less fuel than other ion engines.

New electrostatic engine Hall is provided with a magnetic system of perfect protection, so that they can provide, albeit not very large, but constant thrust on the continuation of a very long period of time. A few of these engines will use the spacecraft mission Asteroid Redirect Robotic Mission (ARM), the total capacity of these engines will be 40 kW, and the power of supplying them with solar-power will be equal to 50 kW.

It is a demonstration of the work of engines HERMeS is one of the main objectives of the mission ARM, automatic machine which will go to one of the near-earth asteroids (near-Earth asteroid, NEA) to conduct research. To near-earth asteroids include asteroids, located at a distance from the Sun to a distance not exceeding the 1.3 astronomical units.

According to the existing plans, the mission ARM will consist of two parts, the first part of the mission will be fully automatic, its launch is planned for December 2021. In the second part of the mission on an asteroid will have a crew of people-researchers, but this is at a very early stage of its development and its launch should be expected before 2026. the Asteroid, which will head the first office of the mission ARM is the asteroid 2008 EV5. But he was chosen only as a preliminary version and the final decision of the leadership of NASA will take in the year of 2020. published


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