Solar greenhouse-aquaponics produces up to 400 kg of products per year

Fresh produce, ideally grown right in your backyard, are essential for a healthy diet, but given the population density, either not enough space, time or knowledge for growing their own products.


The French company Myfood aims to bring food production in home conditions and they do it with the help of smart solar greenhouse aquaponics system. These innovative greenhouses that are small enough to fit in the yard or even on a city balcony can produce up to 400 kg of vegetables every year.



Myfood adheres to the idea that everyone should have the opportunity to grow their products. To this end, they invented a small, family-run greenhouses powered by the sun, which can operate offline.

Model of the greenhouse Family22 is 22 square meters and comes complete with solar panels and rainwater harvesting.


Model City is a smaller option for those living in busy Metropolitan areas is only 3.5 square meters. Both models do not need to install directly on the ground, which makes them suitable for back yards or even rooftops.

Inside the greenhouse is a system acitance where the fish swims around the base of the vertical towers, it is a source of fertilizer for vegetables, so no synthetic fertilizers or pesticides is not necessary.

Inspired by permaculture ("permanent agriculture" — an approach to the design of the surrounding space and the system of agriculture based on the relationships of natural ecosystems), the team has also developed raised beds, which can surround the greenhouse for additional food production.


Using a mixture of live soil and biochar a few months the beds are able to samoobrony.

"Samoobrony beds require very little effort for their organization, the system also will live in harmony with the environment. If to explain simply, it is a mound of earth, measuring one meter in width and three meters in length and almost a meter high. The basic idea is to reproduce stable and rich ecosystem, the same as in the forest. This principle of agroforestry. Combining different types of elements and siting vegetables properly, the patch becomes samodopomoga. You no longer have to worry about it!".


The greenhouses are designed for everyone, from experienced growers to people with zero knowledge about agriculture. Often one of the barriers that stands in the way of production of homemade products is the lack of knowledge, so Myfood makes it easier for anyone to make it easier to start growing your own food through smart structure designed for the climate control that guarantees success, according to the statements of the company.

The app allows you to remotely control the operation of the greenhouse.


Myfood said that they were called the first European aquaponically smart line of greenhouses at the Paris international agricultural exhibition in 2017.

In France and in the Benelux the model City is about 4 820 dollars, and Family22 — about 8 577 dollars. These figures include the installation, delivery and tax. Outside the European Union the costs are slightly different, not including installation, shipping or tax, City costs about $ 3 569 and Family22 about $ 6 432. published


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