When you ask God...


When you pray, do not forget that you ask them the Path to the desired and not the result itself.

You'll have to find myself all the puzzles of the future project, to combine them into physical manifestation in our world.

The game is that realizing over and over again their ideas in reality, you train your ability to create, approaching the level of the Creator.

For creativity you need to make a reverse process to consumption — to connect parts into a whole, and not to divide the whole into parts.

Whenever you create a new, aspiring Creator connects the old blocks in a different pattern.Here on planet Earth, all play to the designer.

God needs not your project and your ability to embody, to give outside their potentiality. Train — He says — while there is time.

And someone who just wants to get something, not creating himself, is at the lowest level of development, demonstrating the immaturity of the Soul and the selfishness of the Mind.

Lifting development, you will understand what I want from you. Desire to transmit the incoming data stream and to paint their own emotional States — then you get to live with the so-called trappings of success. published


©Mark Ifraimov

P. S. And remember, just changing your mind — together we change the world! ©

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