Wind turbine for households

Two brothers from India, Arun and Anoop George is currently working to make wind energy more affordable. Thanks to a startup Avant Garde Innovations they have developed a wind turbine for households that hope to offer for 50,000 rupees, or about $ 750.

The brothers designed a wind turbine the size of a ceiling fan for use in the home. According to The Times of India, turbine can generate about one to three kWh per day, enough energy to power the house.

The ending energy poverty is one of the main goals of the brothers. On their website they emphasize that about one billion people worldwide have no access to electricity. Arun George in the video in particular says: "Regardless of the power they produce during the life of the wind turbine component about 20 years, electricity will be free".

Wind turbine brothers have received international recognition. The project was included in the list of the top 20 Cleantech innovation in India in the framework of the Global Cleantech innovation program, jointly organized with United Nations Industrial Development Organization, the Cleantech Open USA, the Global Environment Facility and the Indian government. The UN have also included a startup Avant Garde Innovations in the investment directory of environmentally sound energy sources in the amount of $ 1 billion. USA, which was presented at COP21.

Last year Avant Garde Innovations was the only Indian company in the field of clean energy, invited to the 7th conference on clean energy (7th Clean Energy Ministerial) in Silicon Valley, and was noted as one of the 100 best start-UPS at the world festival startow NEWENERGY in Kazakhstan.

The brothers seek to launch their product in the second quarter of this year. published

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