Learn to take a pause in life

Each day You live in three dimensions: worry about the past, solve the problems of the present time to predict the future. This confusion is pretty exhausting. But it is necessary to make to small changes, it will be much easier and will sparkle with new colors.

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Try to start with these simple rules:1. Learn to get pleasure from trouble, bad weather, scandalous politics, the negativity of others, traffic jams and other inconveniences.

Try to do a kind of masochism, and You will see how gradually to disperse the clouds over Your reality and the sun will Shine. You need to think about what benefits can bring You this trouble. Because it will happen, and You yourself have seen this repeatedly. Analyze your past disappointments and move forward!

2. Showing dissatisfaction with what is happening around You, to the conduct of the authorities, relatives, loved ones, politicians, You, in fact, cast in the Mirror of the World a very unpleasant way of his life. What do You expect to see? The mirror World is a reflection of Your performance. Your reality meets the reflection!

3. Learn to take a pause in life.

The most difficult to learn to wait and contemplate. The test pause are not all. You only think that nothing is happening. In fact, the whole universe works for You and selects the most successful solutions to resolve Your conflict. Get involved at the right time!

4. In your life You have that “movie” which was included in his head.

Which scenario You choose, it will be in Your life. Most people do the opposite and live on someone else's script, not understanding why they can't change anything. The script and directing is in Your hands!

5. Do you often feel disappointment in life? This is what not to do ever! You don't have to be disappointed in his life, must not think that it failed!

At any age need to understand that everything happens for a reason, everything has great meaning and benefit for You. It's only the beginning in Your life: in any situation, at any time and under any circumstances! published 

©Vadim Selander.S. And remember, just changing your mind - together we change the world! ©

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