10 tricks that will help to preserve the freshness of flowers in a vase.

Extravagant roses, lush peonies, delicate Lily of the valley, fragile tulips, fragrant lilacs... Heart skips a beat with delight when you for no reason presented a bouquet of flowers. And so I want to make this fragrant beauty has remained unchanged for as long as possible!

"Website" shares tips that will help you permanently preserve the freshness of the bouquet. In anticipation of the holiday is especially important!

How to store the bouquet in a vase
  1. Monitor the cleanliness of the container in which to place the bouquet, because bacteria will lead to the early death of flowers. For compositions including more than 5 items, choose a vase with a neck wide to the stems did not peredelyvalis.

  2. Water temperature is important. There is a trick called "hardening". Put flowers in a vase with almost hot water (43-44 °C), and the capacity for a couple of hours put in a cool place. The molecules of hot water faster do to the stem, but due to the cool temperatures the flowers lose less moisture, the lifespan of the cut plants increases.

  3. The method above does not work for flowers with bulbs: better to put them in cool (but not icy) water.

  4. Be sure to remove the bottom leaves before placing the bouquet in a vase. Leaves under the water quickly rot and encourage the growth of pathogenic bacteria.

  5. To bouquet longer pleasing to the eye, change the water in the vase daily. Each time remove all rubbish and carefully wash the container. This will reduce the growth of bacteria.

  6. Stems to better absorb the water, cut them with a sharp knife at a 45° angle. With roses this manipulation is generally best done under water.

  7. Add the water preservative. The most versatile — vodka, 1 tablespoon of the alcohol in a standard vase will prolong the life of flowers. Lemon juice and a few drops of bleach will also serve as a good preservative. But aspirin, sugar or activated carbon, contrary to popular opinion, useless.

  8. Keep the bouquet away from direct sunlight and other heat sources. Fruit also better to put away from flowers: fruit release natural gas (ethylene) that hastens the fall of the petals.

  9. In the process of daily water changes treat bouquet on the subject of wilted buds or damaged stems. It is better to remove them, so as not to spread the rot.

  10. Correctly combine the colors, because not all plants can get along with each other. For example, daffodils and hyacinths spread a substance detrimental to the other colors. Put these beauties in a separate vase.

And cut flowers from the bouquet can give life to a new plant! Only need to cut the stem cuttings and rooting. This procedure is particularly well suited roses, chrysanthemums and lilacs.

Let the bouquets, presented with love, longer warm your heart and delight the eye. Share these useful tips with your friends, they will appreciate!

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