How to obtain the permission of Rostekhnadzor

Rostekhnadzor permission should not be considered a mere formality, because the breakdowns, emergencies or other irregularities


The production of modern equipment for companies engaged in Russia and abroad, but its legitimate use must obtain permission of the public authority, as the RTN.
Ensuring industrial safety is one of the main responsibilities of the state, especially when it comes to equipment of equipment of hazardous production facilities. Even in everyday life it is unsafe to use the untested device and in the case of industrial enterprises, and such are prohibited at the legislative level. Defective hardware can cause such problems as loss of profit, harm to nature or health of employees. But thanks to the work of the Supervisory authorities to avoid such risks.
High level of industrial safety
The use of the plant variety of explosive, poisonous, radioactive and other hazards to operating personnel and the nature of the material will increase the chance of an emergency situation. In addition, can contribute to that applied during the work of heavy equipment or other complex mechanisms. Rostekhnadzor permission should not be considered a mere formality, because the breakdowns, emergencies or other irregularities, through this document, suppliers will be able to protect their rights and avoid financial problems.
Foreign manufacturers must understand that the rules of the Russian Federation concerning them: to offer their goods to Russian consumers, it is necessary to get this right.
In some situations, the company may experience difficulties in communicating with government agencies, especially when it comes to foreign producers. Specially for such situations established company who are able to efficiently and promptly resolve all customer problems.
The list of required documents
Prepared in good faith the procedure for obtaining permission to use the device, there is no doubt in the near obtaining the desired papers. The sooner the client will collect all the necessary pack of documents, the sooner a solution will be designed that will help you to overtake a competing company on the market of high-tech equipment.
For obtaining permission of Rostekhnadzor, thereby enhancing industrial safety can not do without:
  • passport of the equipment;
  • information about the manufacturer of the device;
  • operational manual;
  • technical specifications (product descriptions);
  • Protocol factory test;
  • GOST certificate.
Remember: the permit is issued for up to five years!


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