How to do safe clothes from second-hand? The opinion of an experienced physician...

Unpleasant smell things, dermatological diseases and Allergy — all this keeps many people from buying clothes from second-hand. Whether clothes second hand is a danger to our health? The editors of the"Site" decided to seek the advice of to the doctor-allergist.

Stuff from second-chindamanee medic about this: "the Previous owners of the clothes could not be washed and not clean it for this chemical spraying. And in order to destroy vegetative forms of pathogens of infectious diseases and the insect vectors. Still things can stay in the warehouses, and for that they need the disinfectant treatment.

If we talk about formaldehyde, it is also found in shampoo and bath products. If a person has very sensitive skin, then it may be a small irritation from clothing that formaldehyde enters the body by inhalation or in contact with the surface of the skin. Once ingested, it disintegrates and is excreted along with the urine, or breath."

From the foregoing it can be concluded that the acrid smell things from second-hand is nothing more than a symptom of their high-quality processing. Be wary of clothing that does not smell.

In any case, do not wear clothes from second-hand without washing it first! Also a physician's advice before washing to place things for a few hours in the freezer. This will ensure that all bacteria is destroyed.

To be sure to get rid of the chemical odor, you will need a few liters of water and ten percent ammonia. Light clothing (blouses, skirts, jackets) should be soaked in 5 liters of water with addition of 20 milliliters of ammonia. Bigger things should be left in a solution of 10 liters of water and 100 milliliters of liquid ammonia.

Cotton fabrics are often cleaned up in 30-40 minutes, and the fur is synthetic and leather require a longer soaking (5-6 hours). After that you need to overcome things and move to fresh air, where they should keep for several days.

How do you feel about clothes second hand? Be sure to share your opinion in the comments!

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