Unusual and interesting facts about pirates

I suggest you to read some interesting facts about pirates that you exactly know not all of you. In fact, the pirates weren't quite what they show modern movies.

1. The heyday of piracy was in the Era of Sailing ships, and with its peak — at the XVI—XVIII century, but the first mention of sea pirates come from ancient Greece. A huge number of trade routes and many Islands suitable for bases, and vodivshihsya for attacks was very convenient to pirates.

2. According to the most popular theory — the Jolly Roger was originally invented as a means of obdumyvaya warships. This a sign showing that the ship sailing under it started a plague. Of course, with the skull and crossbones, the military was approaching.

3. Suddenly, on pirate ships was usually very strict discipline – while sailing on pirate ships were dry. Imagine a bunch buhih men on the ship, that is not so easy to manage, and even for someone forwards. Of course, in this case, they either quickly broke or they'd just killed. Moreover, alcohol causes dehydration. And in conditions of constant lack of fresh water, the choice was clearly not in his favor.

4. The paragraph above was governed by a pirate code. On the basis of a prohibited drinking, gambling and cursing each other during the voyage — the forbidden was all that could lead to a fight and massacre in the team.

5. The division of the loot — a very delicate and difficult question. From doing the captain. The percentage received in each team, and I need to distribute the money so as not only not to offend anyone, but also to repair the ship and buy supplies.

6. If a pirate was injured, he was paid compensation. The more serious the injury the more you pay. Not fit in with the way the movie drunken gouging? That.

7. Not yet been invented canned food in the swimming was very tight. Mostly ate corned beef, breadcrumbs and onions – that is, that it is harder for the spoils. Because of this, when landing on the island, it is quite often destroyed everything that runs and flies. In particular, during the heyday of piracy was wiped out numerous populations of turtles in the Seychelles and Galapagosskie Islands.

8. Not uncommon were pirates in the service of the state. These companions were given special letters of marque and reprisal letters. Them pirates could be purchased and repaired in the ports of the state that issued the certificate, and in return the robbers had attack the enemies of the state, and not to touch "their" court.

9. As the ship was not allowed to drink and gamble, swim was quite boring. Remember all camp games like the sack race or the battle, sitting on the companion? These games went from there. Only instead of the companion is usually employed.

10. Sometimes the guilty landed on a desert island with a bottle of water, a knife or a gun with one bullet is planted in such a way at the same time and leave the chance of survival and the ability to shoot, if it is bad. However, often at left back. In the end the team got re-educated, almost-new unit.

11. Rum the pirates drank not very often. It was in his price, because he was not the cheap booze. Mostly drinking cheap grog.


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