After reading this article, you will never take my phone in the ladies room!

Bad habits are formed much faster and easier than useful! "We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence therefore is not an act but a habit." So thought Aristotle, and I admire these words of wisdom.

Habit to be in the bathroom with the phone requires your attention. If you often err in this occupation, should reconsider their actions! The reason serious.

Compliance with higienico that the person will spend 2 times more time in the bathroom if you get there with phone, no doubt. But it's not the loss of priceless moments of life.

And not even that very often smartphones do an unplanned dive in the water.

Seemingly harmless habit. But Dr. Lisa Ackerley, a specialist in hygiene, doesn't think so. If you took a smartphone in the restroom, with high probability he will be infected with E. coli or Salmonella. No matter how carefully you wash hands after using hygienic procedures.

Pathogenic microorganisms can settle not only on the skin! They live freely in space, the phone screen is a nice, warm place where you can stay and live for a few days. Speaking on the phone, you press it to the skin. Often use the smartphone, even while eating! And there are already breeds nasty germs...

The consequences of exposure to harmful bacteria can be disastrous. Nausea, vomiting, cramps, upset stomach. Infection with Salmonella in some cases can lead to death.

Should stop using the phone in the toilet, especially public places where there are a lot of people! Also it is useful to periodically wipe the screen of smartphone or tablet of disinfectant: rubbing alcohol or vinegar using a soft microfiber cloth. It is also possible rubbing of the screen with the wet wipes. Will be healthier!

The importance of hygiene cannot be overemphasized. It's the law, violating which can be thoughtlessly cruel to pay. Pass this information to your friends, please!

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Alexander Klimchuk Since childhood, interested in medicine, grew up in a family of doctors. Knows how to make a fancy Breakfast out of nothing, is not afraid to experiment in the kitchen, making pies without flour, low-fat mayonnaise, healthy sweets. Never give up and believes that people are created to help each other! In all its domestic Affairs the assistant to the son Sasha. Alexandra's favorite book — "the Art of loving" by E. Fromm.


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