12 beautiful women who are not afraid to grow old

We all sooner or later meet up with old age. Some are willing to do anything to postpone this meeting, others are not afraid of wrinkles and understand that every age is beautiful in its own way. We're fascinated by these women, and it's worth noting, they look just fine.

Heidi Klum, 43

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In 2013, Heidi Klum dressed up for a Halloween ancient. Makeup artists made a model totally unrecognizable: in addition to face make-up covered the whole body. On the red carpet Heidi accustomed to the role and danced, brandishing a crutch. Well, sense of humor and self-irony Heidi Klum is admirable.

In an interview with People magazine, the model confessed:

"The journalists talked all year about the fact that I'm 40 years old. Every day I asked: "And what's it like growing older?" And then I decided that since everyone is so interested, I will show my old age!"

Heidi Klum


Cate Blanchett, 47 years

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Oscar-winning actress cate Blanchett seems to be virtually unchanged over the years. However, she is opposed to plastic surgery and believes that the face of any actress should always stay alive, so she could show her feelings and play the role.

"I know that when I laugh, my wrinkles are deeper, but I don't panic about it. Why do I have a face that does not reflect my story, the person devoid of a sense of humor?"

Cate Blanchett


Meryl Streep, 67 years


After 40 Meryl Streep reached the peak of his career, to take the role of Miranda priestly in "the Devil wears Prada".

Meryl can be recorded and the number of stellar record on the strength of family ties — she is married for almost 40 years and has 4 children. Perhaps one of the achievements of the actress is that her age was never a barrier neither for creativity nor for the image.

"My advice: don't waste so much time caring about whether you have perfect skin or got better if you per kilogram. Think about it, what did you do in this life, what you have achieved".

Meryl Streep


Julia Roberts, 49 years


After 40 years, the actress consciously began a modeling career. She said that posing for a photo shoot 40 much more interesting than 20, because at this age women already know their body and become more relaxed.

"Your face has to tell about you, not about your trips to the doctor."

Julia Roberts

Jodie foster, 54

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The actress is opposed to plastic surgery, but nevertheless believes that it is a personal choice. She kept herself in shape through healthy eating and sport. It is worth noting that foster looks great for her age.

"Better to be a woman in the wrinkles than a woman, which is immediately evident: she was shy of her wrinkles."

Jodie Foster


Julianne Moore, 56 years

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Julianne Moore says the secret of her youth in the truth and love for yourself. She tries there are lots of fresh fish, vegetables and fruits. Among its weaknesses she mentions a good white wine.

By the way, now the actress starred in the film "the World is full of miracles", for the role she had to "grow old" and try on a gray wig.

"I'm not trying to keep the youth. There are just certain rules, we can say that the rules of beauty, which I follow. My mom always said that you need to use sunscreen. Before I didn't listen. Now sunscreen is my main weapon".

Julianne Moore


Rachel Weisz, 46 years

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The actress admits that thoroughly cares for the skin, regular visits to a massage, and 17 years using the eye cream. She believes that the earlier you start to take care of yourself, the more chances to age beautifully and harmoniously.

Rachel says that Botox should be banned for actors, as steroids are illegal for athletes.

"Acting is full of emotions. So why it is necessary to remove the ability to frown?"

Rachel Weisz


Kim Cattrall, 60 years

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Kim has learned to associate with her character from "sex and the city" Samantha Jones, but in reality she's a completely different person. For example, unlike her character, Cattrall is not afraid of age.


"My 40+ was pretty good, but now, in the fifties — Oh, even from the very word breathes antiquity! — it's a great self-knowledge. You are not trying to be someone else or to do something not his. You think: "Here I am. I went through this, I survived, and I know who I am."

Kim Cattrall


Susan Sarandon, 70 years

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Here's someone who just believes that age is just numbers, so is Susan Sarandon. She bore children at the age of 42 and 45 years.

The actress is not afraid to look your age and believes that, unlike yoga and other sports, ping-pong — a fun way to stay in shape.

"60 I got his tattoos, so what kind of old age you can talk?!"

Susan Sarandon


Kate Winslet, 41

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Kate Winslet along with Actresses Rachel Weisz and Emma Thompson have created a British League against plastic surgery. Also, the actress is not dieting and is not shy about his foot size (she's 41).

"When I was 21, I thought being 40 is old age. But now I feel even younger than then, and know yourself as well read a book. You know, I like the actress very interesting to see how with age the face changes. I love his body and especially his hands. I think, looking at them: because they loved and lost, worked, touched people."

Kate Winslet


Emma Thompson, 57 years

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Emma laments that under the pressure of standards of beauty all the Actresses are the same. As for age, the actress considers it as natural process, like growing up.

"I wish many beautiful women that night and day are forced to think only about how they look".

Emma Thompson


Brooke shields, 51

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In the movie "the Blue lagoon" Brooke shields was the incredible beauty of the girl, and now she is a very beautiful woman who is not afraid of his age.

"My face is too well known, if I something change in him, immediately start talking, as happened with some Actresses. All the magazines are starting to learn the size of their lips! Before and after! I don't want to scare anyone".

Brooke Shields



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