What is motivation and why you need it

Once, in the beginning, right so immediately in the face, quote Artemiy Lebedev — "How to motivate yourself to do something? Yes way, stay in the ass!"

Yes, it's harsh, perhaps rude, well, how else to convey?


No training, no video or audio will not help. Think, watched, listened to, appreciated, and like the snap of a finger — SNAP — and all of it went. Never in my life. This will only work in one case when YOU finally be clear for yourself what you want from your life and will make every effort to achieve this.

Then, and only then, will emerge opportunities and people. The main thing is never to give up and not to lose faith, as hard as it was not necessary. But difficulties will be encountered, but if you approach them with the attitude that no way out only under the cover of the coffin, and even then, some still manage to crawl out, then any obstacle will be no more rain to open an umbrella.

So how do you get to still tear off your lazy ass and start doing something?

Let's say You go to the gym just go for the company or due to the fact that it is now fashionable. But all these classes so without much enthusiasm, of course You may try and exert some effort. And a few months later, looking in the mirror, You expect to see there the new incarnation of Jason Statham or some toned fitness model. But, again, but, and looks at You still the same person with signs of excess weight and influence of a sedentary lifestyle.

And all because, when embarking on any business you have to see the final result, and so clear, literally every comma.

Or do You want to be someone like, the perfect character in your opinion. But like hell you will like him, the same people do not exist! What You can do is become better than he is.

Our opportunities are endless, take, get, do it!

In Japanese there is one technique called "Kaizen" and is what should be done is one thing, not being distracted by anything for 1 minute. I'm sorry the day has 1440 minutes, what are you gonna do the rest 1439? Watch TV again and hold an empty life. Of course this method involves an increase in the time afterwards. But the question is, will you increase it.

Stay where you are if you don't want to get the love life that left you because you're nothing. You can sit here if you don't think you deserve the job of your dreams.

Continue to peel the eyes in the screen of the TV or computer, looking at pictures and videos of other countries wishing to visit them. Continue to wallow in your pond, but remember that it is artificial and no fresh water does not come into it. Accordingly, in the near future it will blossom and start to stink and it will be far not the scent of the roses.



Liz Gilbert. The best advice in my life

People, why are you lying all the time


BUT if YOU want to get out of the swamp, then jump into a river full of clear water and start paddling, but not only, where You wish. No life event, no event, no person, nothing and no one can change your life except yourself. After all, only You and no one else, are the Creator of your life and destiny.

Remember — Nothing Is Impossible! published


Author: Roman Suvorkin


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