Why you should NEVER post photos of their children on the Internet

Surely, everyone of us have little kids in the family — daughters and sons, grandchildren, nieces and nephews... And we all have smartphones with constant Internet access and social networks.

However, we forget that the Internet in addition to our family and friends there are strangers, among whom are a lot of angry and inappropriate people...

I advise you to listen to the advice from the article, which pictures and why it is better not to spread in the network to protect their children.

1. Don't post photos with other people's children.

Before post the picture with classmates or friends, try to get permission from their parents. Otherwise you can expect trouble, and in extreme cases, even a lawsuit.

2. Do not give out the location of the school where your child goes.

Parents used to believe that school is the safest (after home) place for a child, but strangers can use this information for their own purposes.

3. Do not disclose information that can identify your child.

For example, do not use your name or surname in the file name. the file properties are also desirable to remove all unnecessary.

4. Never post pictures of your car, especially with the license plate.

In such cases, deadbeat parents sometimes go to jail!

5. If you are photographing a child on a smartphone or tablet, make sure to disable geolocation or delete these data.

GPS data can be stored in the file properties. Check before posting a picture.

6. Don't post photos of half-naked children, no matter how innocent they may seem.

The Internet is full of maniacs and pedophiles. Do not feed them.

7. Watch out still it was impossible to determine where and how your child spends their free time.

Avoid photos with signs, signs, names, etc., especially if the child visits these places regularly and at the same time.

8. Do not post anything that will cause the child embarrassment in the future.

If you think about something you should not talk to strangers, do not share this information in social networks. Treat with respect to personal life of their child.


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9. Posting photos of children not accompany it with the information of a personal nature.

For example, do not write about divorce or moving.

Remember: when you share a photo on Facebook or Twitter, even if only with your friends, you post it in the General access. And whatever you do, remove it from the Internet you can not.

Think about it the next time you want to post photos of your child! published


Source: mirkrasoty.life/pochemu-nikogda-ne-stand-razmeshhat-foto-svoix-detej-v-internete/


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