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Residents of the small town of Bruton had a good laugh over the unlucky driver who moved his truck on a very narrow street, until he was caught between two buildings. By car provocatively adorned the inscription "phenomenal."
Indeed, it was phenomenally stupid - blindly follow the instructions of your satellite navigation! The driver was to take a drink in one of the shops and looking for a place to park. Satellite Navigator paved path through a tiny street, there and sent his car the hero of this incident. When he realized his mistake it was too late. Go backwards - is not an option. Behind the steep slope, and a truck packed to capacity lemonade. He had to spend the night in a cabin.

In the morning, going to the nearest pub, the driver realized that he is now - a local celebrity. Above him there and then began to laugh and poke fun. And when he asked how to get to the toilet, he immediately issued a bunch of instructions and recommendations how to not get stuck along the way.

In the afternoon came the rescue team that worked six hours pulling a truck accident.

It is said that four years ago, then lost Czech trucker who does not speak in English, so he wandered for three days. And last year, a motorist nearly drowned after his satellite navigator paved route through the ford, which after heavy rains ceased to be a ford.


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