13 illustrations of how we celebrated the New year then and now

Eight million seven hundred sixty thousand two hundred seven

The night of December 31 is customary to gather with family and friends — to the old and welcome the new. Usually at this time share the plans and dreams for the future, remembering what happened good and love to discuss the topic of "do you remember how early in the New year..." And went, standing behind the tangerines, cut out snowflakes from napkins, eating candy one... the list was endless and, of course, after that began to compare with how it is now.

Therefore, the Website has issued several stories on the theme of the New year. Awaiting your comments than your New year different from that which was eleven years ago.

We were dressed up for the celebrations in costumes of characters

Photographed and treasured memories

Santa Claus was the most awaited guest

And gifts for mom made what was

Now we realized how much needed Santa Claus to spin to fulfill our desires

Wish list for the New year as the years melted

But we had a dream about adult life

Come to the firework to see it

The main symbol of the new year holiday was a little orange kruglyashi

Fees for the new year celebration only took 5 minutes

The gifts gave us the joy of children

There was always one who gave a completely unnecessary thing

But the warm family traditions continue to warm us

Illustrator Sofia Kuznetsova specifically for the Website

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