50 questions that will help you remember the past year and prepare for the upcoming

The last days before the New Year, when everyone is breathing down holiday, allow you to escape from routine. This is a great time to reflect and look back on all that you have experienced and achieved over the past 12 months.

"Annual review" – a great exercise for those who are trying to live consciously. It helps not only to remember what good and bad happened with you, but also to understand what things make you happy and which need to go and get rid of. "Annual review" will be a great help if you will during the holidays to set goals and plan for next year.

In this article you'll find 50 questions that comprise the "Annual review". To answer them the best writing, and I suggest doing it in the last 2-3 days before the holiday.

The first 40 questions – a retrospective, the memory of the past year. The last 10 will make you think about what is ahead. Don't take them as a plan for setting goals, let the answers to them will be ideas for your further planning.

So, let's start. Take a sheet of paper and a pen. Or open a new document in a text editor.

Your 2016

1. What kind of event, big or small, you would be told many years later to their grandchildren?

2. If you want to describe your 2016 in 3 words, what would they be?

3. What have you learned about yourself?

4. What achievement are you most proud of?

5. What good news you received?

6. What kind of place you visited this year, can you name the most favorite?

7. What skills and personal qualities most useful to you this year?

8. What new habits have you developed?

9. What new skills have you learned?

10. Who this year are you most thankful for?

11. If anyone would shoot a film about your life in 2016, what genre would it be? Fantasy, Thriller, Comedy, detective, horror, or something else?

12. What is the most important lesson you got in 2016?

13. What blocks and complexes you have overcome?

14. Name 5 people with whom you most liked to spend time

15. What is the most important turning point in your career

16. How have your family relationships?

17. What book or movie you most impressed with?

18. What is the most pleasant to praise or compliment you got this year?

19. What little things brought you the most pleasure in everyday life?

20. What cool things have you created this year?

21. How did you feel this year (in terms of health, in terms of emotions)?

22. This year you did the first time?

23. What is the most favorite moment with friends, have you had this year?

24. What important goals have you achieved?

25. What fears proved to be false and unjustified?

26. What you were doing, you would like to repeat again and again?

27. What's the best gift you have ever received?

28. How has your Outlook on life?

29. What is the biggest problem you solved?

30. What year was the funniest moment to straight to tears?

31. Some of the acquisitions proved to be the most useful?

32. Whatever thing you do differently and why?

33. For which you can praise?

34. You killed a lot of time, and now regret it?

35. What did you dream about most in the world?

36. Which of the issues remain unresolved and why?

37. What guidance would you give yourself if you could go back to last January?

38. What areas of your life or what traits/habits changed this year?

39. Who or what had the biggest impact on your life this year?

40. You have fulfilled their goals for the year? If not, why not?

Your 2017

41 What will be the main theme of your year?

42. What you want to see, to explore, to learn?

43. Who do you want more time?

44. What new skills do you want to learn what existing skills you want to improve?

45. What quality of character do you want to develop or strengthen?


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46. What should be your everyday life?

47. What are the good habits you want to develop, what bad want to get rid of?

48. What you want to achieve in your career?

49. Which of the events of the coming year you want to make memorable in order for him to remember it many years later?

50. What is the number 1 goal you have for 2017? published


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