Scientific terms are invented by science fiction

10 of the most well-known terms that have been used in science fiction long before.

Robotics and positron

The inventor of the two commonly used term - writer Isaac Asimov. They were first used them in a fantastic series of "I, Robot", published in 1941. By the way, the word "robot" was coined by a writer, too, but much less well-known. In 1920, the Czech Karel Capek described as mechanical characters of his play "Rossum Universal Robots." Origin of the term, he connected with the Czech word «robota», that is, hard work, corvee.

Genetic engineering

Biotechnology is engaged in modifying genes, gets its name from the story in 1951, "The Island of the Dragon" American Jack Williamson. As real, not science fiction, genetic engineering has been recognized only in the 1970s.

Zero gravity

The phrase "zero gravity", denoting a state of weightlessness, was first used by comic book author Jack Binder in 1938. The artist has defined this term absence of gravity in the center of the Earth.

Deep Space

In science fiction, the term "deep space» (deep space) is called remote parts of the Universe from Earth, or does not fill the space between the stars. For the first time in this value, the term used the American science fiction E. E. Smith in 1934. Later he was involved, and academics - to denote the space outside the earth's atmosphere.


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