5 excellent books for the development and mastery of the resources of the brain

What can I read to learn how to think more broadly, to razvitii potential of the brain? There are many books on this subject, we have selected for you the most interesting of them.

5. "Teach yourself to think: a tutorial on the development of thinking" — Edward de Bongo.

Through this book you will be able to improve their thinking. Absolutely simple method, which involves five stages.



4. "Unlock your mind: become a genius!" — Stanislav Müller.

Special technology which helps to increase brain activity and the percentage of active thinking. After studying this book, you can become a specially trained person, and regardless of your age.


3. "Memory cards. Preparing for exams" — Tony Buzan.

Memory cards — a unique and very simple method for memorizing information. Learning how to use them, you will not be afraid of exams, you will have more free time and your grades will be much higher.



2. "Learn to study or to juggle" — Tony Buzan, Michael J. Gelb.

The unique method of development and mastering the potentials and resources of the brain, based on results of many hundreds of special seminars conducted by the authors in various companies, educational institutions, and also departments of the army and the national guard of the United States.



11 books to lift the mood, if you suddenly come the Blues10 books that capture from the first sentence of1. "Technology development of memory. The Tutorial" — O. A. Andreev.

The book presents lessons on memory training, which will allow you to perfectly develop the mechanisms of your brain responsible for memory and information storage. Description recommended for training exercises and the order of work on them. published


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