Unruly cat ripped off a corner of the sofa, but the hostess kept his head and performed a miracle!

Decay and obtrepalas characteristic not only clothing but also furniture. Especially after meeting with a mustached naughty that in the blink of an eye can turn a couch into a sieve!

You can certainly try to patch up the sofa to get unnoticed. But "Website" will show you how to make a patch of bright and catchy that will automatically turn the tattered furniture in the original piece of furniture.

How to update a sofa
  1. Mistress cut off all protruding thread, sewed up the torn places, and as the patches used crocheted doilies, matching in tone with the upholstery.

  2. Another example of using wipes.

  3. The lace items are also perfectly conceal such damage.

  4. And here is a larger scale alteration: all the worn places carefully camouflaged with panels of faux leather.

  5. The sofa in the house of the true mistresses!

  6. With this abstract embroidery sofa looks completely different.

  7. For those who are close to patchwork...

  8. So cozy!

  9. Mosaic on self-adhesive basis is not only suitable for the wall design. To bonded construction staple gun upholstery it is glued securely and easily.

In my opinion, all good ideas: every sofa looks nice! The savings are obvious, it remains only to educate the cat...

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