The owner of the bookstore sold the boy a book called "Death", but was forbidden to look at the first page…

Site tells a fascinating story with an unexpected end! Eighty two million eight hundred forty nine thousand two hundred twelve

One Jewish boy loved to read. He read everything that came his way, and loved to go to your favorite bookstore. Once he realized he had read everything that was sold there. The boy asked the owner whether the shop is something he's never seen. The owner said there, and took out a book called "Death." He readily sold it at a discount for only 10 shekels.

However, he warned the boy that he never opened the first page. The boy returned home, read the book and was satisfied. But he always wanted to know what is there on the first page. One day the temptation became too strong, and he flipped through the book to the very beginning, and dropped it in horror.

On the first page was written: "the recommended price is 5 shekels»



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