Fashion nails autumn-winter — 2016! Discreet options for office lady.

Going to work in the office, every woman tries to look elegant and at the same time, not provocatively. Today, our editorial Board invites you to complement your stylish look restrained and at the same time beautiful office manicure.

Office manicure
  1. The trend of this season — a manicure nadovich shades. To create the marble effect, use a thin brush to paint on the nails.

  2. To create a soft gradient on the base surface, use the sponge and a drop of white nail Polish.

  3. Use no more than 3 colors to create an elegant and understated nail design.

  4. Classic Burgundy manicure will look more interesting if dilute it with a geometric pattern on the ring finger.

  5. French manicure can vary if to use instead of the usual white lacquer Golden or black.

  6. Add a touch of femininity to your casual look. Using a thin brush for manicure draw graceful flowers on the base pastel background.

  7. To diversify even the most boring everyday manicure will help simple trick: just apply on the ring finger shiny or silver lacquer.

  8. Beautiful marble manicure, you can easily do yourself. It is necessary to crush a piece of wrapping paper, dunk in gray paint, and then gently pressed to the base of pastel based on the nails.

  9. The transition of tones — a very unusual way to draw attention to an office manicure. Just pick 5 shades of beautiful pastel colors, and get a gentle Ombre effect.

  10. Bright element even the most boring nail Polish strips will be silver, gold or black.

Our editorial Board liked all 10 versions of office manicure! And what design attracted your fancy? Be sure to share your opinion in the comments.

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