The main mistakes that prevent you to build muscle

Ever wanted to listen to that talk about professional fitness trainers in the locker room? Here you can learn a lot — including about their own way to waste time instead of doing it.

The vast majority of the regulars of the fitness club just does not know how to do the exercises correctly and, accordingly, does not receive the necessary training from the effect. Here are some basic mistakes that hinder you to get in good shape: get rid of them and the results will delight you very soon.


Wrong position of the body

The bike is only useful to those who know how to use it. Too many people rely too much on the handles and tilt the body forward, which leads to microtrauma of the muscle and shoulder joints. When you lean forward, carry about 30% of the body arms, shoulders and neck. Avoid this posture: among other things, the payload on the body is also reduced.



Improper breathing

The breathing of most people is too superficial, and in ordinary life, and in training. Meanwhile, it is in a hall you need an increased oxygen supply — but where to take him? Observe your breathing for some time. With shallow breathing will move only the chest, in deep you will notice the movement of the abdomen. Lifting weights also requires a concentrated exhalation, which helps the body to cope with the load. People have the opposite tendency to hold the breath at points of tension — the need to fight.



Interval training

HIIT (vysokoyarusnye training) really burns a lot of calories in a short period of time. But daily exercise in this rhythm for the benefit of man do not go: being exposed to such a heavy load in such a short time, the muscles just don't have time to recover, which leads to many injuries. Between the two HIIT trainings must take place not less than 48 hours.



Muscle for the mirror

Of course, everybody wants to get ripped chest and huge biceps. That is why so many people devote all of your workouts, work only on those muscles that are visible to them in the mirror. This is a grave error that prevent you to build a beautiful, balanced body. Work drawn up by the coach program, where there is a place "legs day", squeeze the side muscles of the body and back training.



The lack of cardio

Without cardio a beautiful body does not build. Pay attention to the most hefty and disproportionate the guys in your gym: those who disdain glances in the direction of the stationary bikes and prefer the extra time to do a deadlift conventional Jogging. Do not repeat their mistakes.


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The cardiorespiratory training not only helps you to be a beautiful relief, but also strengthens the cardiovascular system, makes the tendons flexible, and reduces injury risk. Consider that a cardio workout, you create a framework for the future of the athlete. published




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