11 cartoon of the laws of physics that do not leave common sense no chance


Over these cartoons was laughing to tears more than one generation of children around the world.

The website decided to pay tribute to the boundless imagination of animators of Warner Bros. and Metro Goldwyn Mayer and found out about the basic laws of physics of a cartoon Universe, which no means impossible to explain. And, actually, should I?

Gravity 3c40e1de4e.jpg

Traveling by air the character keeps moving until he finds out about this he begins to fall.

Explosives 3f2d3cca04.jpg

The explosion of dynamite occur the destruction, and the characters torn clothes, and they are covered in soot. The characters always remain unharmed.

Silhouette 333b9a7b7b.jpg

Any body running at a solid obstacle (wall/ ceiling/ snow), leaves in it a trace in the form of a silhouette.

Safety f1c5f7345d.jpg

Any unsafe actions will not cause a character great harm.

Raspuschennosti b15117f91b.jpg

The hero, who was "lucky" to fall under the press, a skating rink, a car or fall from a height, is flattened.

Imaginary objects cac32a94ca.jpg

Any subject about which you will think a cartoon can instantly materialize in his hands.

Drawn passage 0594180e82.jpg

Painted on the wall of the passage or tunnel usually expand at the right time, so that through them could pass the character. As a rule, the man to do it can't and crashes into the wall.

The hole in the wall d0ad17ff0f.jpg

The character, who first ran up to the wall or fence can change the location of the passage.

Swallowed object d12349ab1c.jpg

Heroes who are swallowed subject or met him on the fly, as if fixed to it and take its shape.

Strong intention a88a3a6741.jpg

The laws of physics do not apply, if the hero has a strong intention to do something or feel fear and other strong emotions.

Falling down items 05b8691859.jpg

Anvil, hammers, poles and other heavy objects always fall slowly and directly into the character's head.

P. S. During the preparation of this paper has been viewed 57 different episodes of cartoons, 2 mode slow browsing; eaten 4 packs of corn sticks; none of the cartoons were not injured.

And what funny moments in cartoons has noticed you or your children? Share in the comments!

Photo on preview of Metro Goldwyn Mayer

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