Aspen bark is a natural substitute for aspirin

The fact that aspen has the useful property that was known to our ancestors. They used its bark, leaves, buds and young shoots to treat many ailments.

But most of all it is valued aspen bark medicinal properties which enable the scientists to call it "natural substitute for aspirin."

In the bark in large quantities contains salicin, tannins.

In folk medicine, the bark of aspen is actively used in the treatment of bladder diseases (cystitis, incontinence), hypertrophy of prostate, hemorrhoids and disorders in the intestine, stomach.

It increases the appetite and effectively reduces rising temperature and relieves cough. Drink decoction or infusion of aspen bark they will help people with diabetes and the nervous system.

For this one Cup of powdered bark pour three cups of boiling water, then put on fire and boil for another thirty minutes. The resulting broth cover and insist 5-6 hours.

Make need 3 tbsp half an hour before meals.

If treated complex diseases, such as diabetes, joint damage, the drug is taken for 2 months.

Treat bark and colds. To get the maximum effect, to drugs, based on the bark of aspen, add the buds and leaves of aspen. This set will effectively lower the temperature and get rid of many problems of the respiratory system: sore throat, bronchitis, cough, pneumonia.

Also, drugs from the bark of aspen to solve problems associated with the skin: burns, eczema, boils and other lesions. During the treatment of skin diseases, in the affected areas you can apply baby cream mixed with a decoction from the bark, buds and leaves of this tree.

What you need to know if you have a seal on the neck or behind the ear, This healing balm will help to deal with sinusitis, otitis, and not only

A decoction of the bark of aspen as the prevention of prostate recommended for men. The strongest effect can be obtained by using the bark of young plants. published





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