17 of the best images under the microscope, in which is hidden the whole universe

Our world is much more interesting and more complicated than we can imagine it, — just look through the glass of the microscope. Competition micrographs of Nikon's Small World was created just to ensure that everyone could take in the amazing beauty of ordinary, seemingly, things and creatures. Take a look and you're here every frame is like a small planet.

The shell of Ammonites (extinct mollusks)

The core of chamomile

Spider eye-jumper

Hot crystals of copper


The retina of the mouse

Crystals coffee

Butterfly wing

Flower Verbascum

Air bubbles in the evaporating tequila

The leaves of Selaginella


The crystals of beta-alanine and taurine


The air bubbles formed from ascorbic acid

Salicin, an analgesic compound

The neurons of the human brain

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