Reminder for parents from the school city of Belmont

From school Sasha brought me a memo. There are twenty-one item that school wants me to do.

1. Do not spoil me, because I know you don't have to fulfill my every desire.

2. Don't be afraid to be straightforward with me.

3. Don't let me form bad habits to unlearn it will be even harder.

4. Don't make me feel like my opinion doesn't matter, I make it worse I behave, and know.

5. Don't correct me in front of other people, I better perceive information when you make a remark eye to eye.

6. Don't make me feel like my error is a terrible crime.

7. Don't protect me from consequences of my actions, I must learn to understand that action is a reaction.

8. Don't pay attention to my minor nitpicking, sometimes I just want communication.

9. Don't worry too much when I say I hate you — I don't hate you and rebel against your government.

10. Do not repeat everything a hundred times, but otherwise I'll pretend I'm deaf.

11. Do not give rash promises, I'll be upset if you don't perform.

12. Don't forget that I still can't carefully explain what I feel.

13. Do not ask me the truth, if you are angry, or I can cheat fear.

14. Don't be fickle, to me it spoils.

15. Don't leave my questions without answers, or I will go to look for answers elsewhere.

16. Don't tell me my fears are irrelevant. They are terribly important, not small and me even worse when you do not understand.

17. Don't pretend to be perfect and not making mistakes. I will be upset when you find out that it is not.

18. Don't think to apologize to me is beneath you. If you apologize when wrong, will you teach me the same.

19. Don't forget that I'm growing up fast. You will have to adjust very often.

20. I love to experiment. Without this I do not develop, so please do that.

21. And finally — remember that I can't grow a happy man if I don't like the house very much, but you know that and so! published


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