Cast iron radiators for home heating: advantages and disadvantages

One of the main components of the heating system is the battery. And that in cold winter evenings in your house was warm and cozy, you need to seriously consider the choice of radiators. Today there are many different types of batteries for heating. In addition to the traditional cast iron products in the market can be found in aluminum, steel and even newfangled bimetal radiators. But what they differ and on what battery we should stop?

Modern models of radiators have a fairly high technical parameters, so they are slowly but steadily replacing cast-iron counterparts. However, immediately abandon the radiators made of cast iron, not worth it. After all, they have a lot of their merits.

The first cast-iron battery appeared in the middle of the XIX century. And more than half a century, this design is very important. Because of its availability, durability and long life, these sinks are still widely used throughout the former Soviet Union. And thanks to innovative production technologies cast iron radiator have gained the aesthetic appearance.

Design features cast-iron batteryDesign consists of several sections, interconnected by means of a special nipple. As the material for sealing joints in most cases are heat-resistant rubber or paronite. The sections are made by casting of gray cast iron. Internal channels for the coolant can be made in the form of an ellipse or to have a round shape. In addition, sections are divided into single, dual and triple channel.

Cast-iron heaters can have different dimensions. So, if the width of the design depends on the number of sections used, the height and depth of the settings sections themselves. The correct choice of device size allows it to fit harmoniously in any interior.

The installation of such radiators is typically under the window, and as the fastener used powerful brackets. However, there are models with legs that are simply placed on the floor in any convenient place.

The advantages of cast iron products
  • Good thermal inertia. If the inhabitants of warm regions of the high inertia of the battery is not particularly important in the harsh climatic conditions of a given parameter is extremely important. After the cessation of flow sections of iron instruments long enough to exude precious heat and continue to heat the room. Cells made of other materials, cannot "boast" of such ability. For example, iron instruments of residual heat after shutdown is at the level of 30%, whereas the steel panels the same figure is only 15 %.
  • Resistance to low-quality coolant. Technical hot water coming from the boiler piping in our apartment, is composed of many sorts of chemical additives and sand. And if the aluminum and steel batteries bad coolant can cause great harm, then their iron counterparts can easily tolerate the shortcomings of water quality. Cast iron is not afraid of corrosive acids and abrasive wear from the effects of sand and other debris entering the heating circuit.
  • Long service life. If you periodically wash cast iron radiators be replaced in time Assembly gasket, they will provide you warmth for many decades. In fact, even half a century "experience" of the work of cast-iron heaters is no reason to replace them. Moreover, well-assembled devices operating in the system with clean water, you can even celebrate its centenary.
  • Due to the small hydraulic resistance of the cast iron radiators are perfect for picking a heating systems with natural circulation.
  • Affordable price. If you compare the price of modern bimetallic batteries and their cast iron counterparts, the latter cost about two times cheaper. So, in case you need to install heating devices in several rooms, you will be able to save.
Disadvantages of radiators from cast iron
  • Cumbersome size and weight complicate the process of transportation and installation of equipment. Average weight 8-section radiator is 60 pounds.
  • Due to the design features of the removal of the audience between sections of the dust may be difficult.
  • A large volume of fluid and the large heat capacity of cast iron do not provide an accurate adjustment of the temperature in the room.
  • The slow warm up. Cast iron products have a relatively low heat – one section on average produces 110 watts. For comparison, aluminum and bimetallic aggregates this parameter is often in the range of 150 to 190 watts.
  • Appearance. Rough design cast iron products is not easy to hide behind screens or grilles. That is why many prefer a more pleasant looking aluminum and bimetallic devices.
Calculate the number of sections

As noted earlier, cast iron radiators are assembled from a certain number of sections. Obviously, the more sections it has, the radiator, the greater the area of its heating and, consequently, more heat. Thus, depending on the characteristics of the space calculate the required number of sections of cells. Thus it is necessary to take into account the following factors:

  • the area and volume of a room;
  • the thermal conductivity of the walls;
  • the temperature of hot water in the heating circuit;
  • minimum and average temperature in your area.
But to perform accurate calculations yourself, even with all of the above factors is very difficult. For this you will need not only special equipment, but also knowledge of the various coefficients.

A rough estimate of the number of sections can be produced using the following ratio: 1 kW power of the heater 3 cubic meter space. To know power one section by opening the data sheet on the battery.

Modern cast iron radiators

Heaters cast-never very attractive appearance. So many people often try to disguise them behind a decorative structures, such as lattices. But this solution negatively affects heat transfer and, consequently, the efficiency of the batteries.

But the technology of artistic iron casting is not standing still. Today in the market you can find beautiful cast iron products with original patterns on surface, made in a variety of styles. After the decorative painting gloomy edifice into a real piece of art that will be a great addition to your interior. However, the cost of such a heating device can be much higher.published




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