Slime products are IMPORTANT to know!

SOP is products containing in its composition components that tend to linger in the body and affect our health in many ways. For example, nasal congestion or cough. How so? And infectious agent, isn't it the reason? Mmm... Not entirely, partially. And a cold with a runny nose is GOOD. So.



What kind of components such — slime?

It: milk casein, gelatin and starch. Having adhesive properties, these substances stay in the body and can disrupt the absorption/assimilation of nutrients in the gastrointestinal tract, the natural lymphatic drainage processes, to aggravate blemishes (cellulite), to give some puffiness/odutlovatost, to increase the frequency of colds and develop a phobia of "open window".

Temperature changes stimulate the cleansing activity of the body. So cold the Snot — it's just a way to get rid of excess SOP in the diet :)

A list of the main slime products:

1. Casinadirosa. All the dairy products. Primarily milk. Dairy products less casein in sour cream, cream. And the smallest content of the adhesive protein, rather, it's not supposed to be — in the melted butter (ghee).

2. Gelatin. All products from which to make jelly.

3. Starch. Gluten.

a) try to avoid:

  • potato starch, rice and corn (and all products with its content, eg. tinned beans);
  • white flour of first grade, all products from it;
  • cooked potato (allow to eat young potatoes baked in the season is 1.5 months);
  • polished rice;

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b) leave in the diet (possibly selectively adjusting portions and with an eye on the time of admission):

  • the healthy option of whole wheat bread (it would be unfair to say that there is no starch/gluten). Drying in the toaster reduces the % of gluten;
  • flakes cereals (choose whole grain);
  • cereals made from whole grains (buckwheat and quinoa contain less starch);
  • bean;
  • starchy root vegetables (cauliflower, corn, carrots, sweet potatoes, etc.).published

Author: Tatiana Violet



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