Bamboo in the design world

For anybody not a secret that for Asians the bamboo is more than just a plant! Its young shoots are edible, and Mature made musical instruments, water pipes, drugs and even weapons! But in the world of design and architecture of this amazing plant is valued primarily as a building material! Bamboo build small huts, large houses and bridges, are doing surprisingly beautiful, and most importantly, natural furniture!

But as it turned out, it didn't end amazingly long list of properties of this plant! It turns out that bamboo you can build a small Convention centers, which are fairly easy to assemble, disassemble and transport!

The possibility of their production demonstrated Vo Trong Nghia, a leading architect of the eponymous Vietnamese company! Together with his assistants he designed and built a bamboo tent, designed for the display of paintings and photographs! Created by the design was submitted in April of this year at the national architectural exhibition Vietnam Architecture 2012 Exhibition, during which visitors to the event were offered the opportunity to assess the benefits of such exhibition centres.

Width of the bamboo hut from Vo Trong Nghia is 3 m long and 8.6 m and a height of 4.2 m. in Order to collect the architects took almost two days and 500 long green stems, which are held together solely by bamboo nails.

Vo Trong Nghia was happy to do without other building materials, but in order to most securely fasten design, he used to form steel frame. Moreover, its shape cannot be fully called shalashnaya! One of the beveled walls of Vo Trong Nghia replaced perpendicular to it is possible to hang the exhibition pictures. Besides, if both of them were tilted at an angle of 60 degrees, then the visitors would just be awkward to perceive the posted material.

The next stage of the installation was fixing the bamboo beams, which I prepared in two sizes. Some of them fit the length of the future exhibition centre, while others were sliced at 60 and 80 cm These bamboo segments, like bricks, filled the side walls of the hut. As a result, thanks to two different methods of masonry, the design was very interesting and original! From the side it looks like a bamboo laid in piles, and then cut in tight green bundles of a small exhibition room!

After the installation was finished, the builders cut through the door, and ushered bamboo tents and lights, and the architects of Vo Trong Nghi filled it pictures of recent projects.

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