Locks-the mysteries of the world!

Compared to svirepyi and dangerous Ghost from horror movies, real ghosts are not a man of great danger. But the scare his sudden appearance can very much. What locks the large number of mysterious creatures?

1.Mysterious Black Lady, Czech Republic.

Not far from Prague is the town, a New Place nad Metují. This city is interesting primarily to the fact that in local opočno spirit dwells the mysterious lady.

A Yang Czernicki in 1501 he built a city fortress, which after a few centuries it was rebuilt in a luxurious castle. In the early XII century by the owners of the mansion became the family Trcc. Unfortunately, she was not destined long to enjoy a new acquisition, as in 1634 he died the head of the family, and the castle was confiscated. Nevertheless, the memory of these owners lives still. Residents say that in the castle lives a lady in a black dress, which sometimes party all night long corridors. it is believed that its appearance is an omen of trouble. People believe that this woman is none other than Mary Magdalene Trckova — the wife of the deceased owner of the castle. Mary was intelligent, but merciless. After his death Trckova cannot find peace and is doomed to eternal wandering for cruelty to his subjects.

2. Secret bricked turn, South Africa

The oldest building in South Africa — castle of Good Hope. People have repeatedly stated that there are unusual and frightening events.

The first information about the meeting with the Ghost Dating back to 1860. Living at that time in the castle, Emily Daniel late that night, saw in the doorway of his bedroom feminine silhouette. The girl was very scared, but found the strength to ask the guest the question of who she is. The stranger, covering his face with his hands, began to approach the frozen horror Emily. But the bed suddenly melted without causing the girl any harm. The uniqueness of the phenomenon that this Ghost was not confined to exploring only within the limits of the castle.

20 years later he visited the house, which was located about a kilometer from the old building. it was the Governor's mansion. the wife of the Governor was sitting in his room alone. But an incoming servant claimed the lady saw a woman in grey, who stood beside her, leaning on her dressing table. According to the legend, between the castle of Good Hope and the Governor's house there is a walled subterranean passage, and the Ghost is not an obstacle.

3. Gambling ages, Scotland

Scotland is the center habitat of ghosts. Almost every castle, and there are a great many, can boast its own Ghost.

In the castle of Glas the lives of a whole group of ghosts, and the appearance of each of them has a story. This castle has a secret room, located in the wall. Its Windows are visible from the courtyard, but the entrance to this room no. There is a legend that in this room are the spirits of the graph Stramore and his friends who are doomed forever to play cards for the fact that he dared to take a gamble on a Sunday, a Holy day. Say, if in the night from Saturday to Sunday to go to the wall in the place where should be the door to the room, you can hear a conversation between two prisoners.

A mysterious silhouette, about which virtually nothing is known, is the boy, Jack, sitting in the living room and master awaiting orders. And at night. when all the inhabitants of the Palace fall asleep in deep sleep, their faces peering knight, clad in shining armor.

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