Shoes from Newspapers

It's very possible that soon your wardrobe will be at least one thing out of the trash, because today there are bags and clothes and accessories from all of the former stuff.

Apparently, the "green business" is gaining momentum closer and closer.

So, there is another "green" entrepreneur – Colin liying and the company All Black. They invented shoes with newspaper. One pair of such shoes have only 3 and a half pages of Chinese Newspapers. In order that they do not split up at the first event, cover them with plastic. So no water, no heat this "newspaper" shoes are not terrible.

Colin liying said that the composition of more comfortable shoes for the feet than leather or fabric. Moreover, there are a lot of resources to manufacture them. Plus it is perfectly safe for the environment!

As soon as they appeared on the American market, immediately fell into a directory of famous boutique Anthropologie, which caused great interest and shopping, and "green" buyers.

By the way, the price of one pair of shoes – $ 110, which, according to green experts, is very inexpensive.

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