System EVER: how to charge an electric car while driving

The main drawback of modern electric vehicles is a relatively small distance they can travel on one battery charge. Therefore, the main field of use is limited to journeys within settlements. However, in the future electric cars, it will be possible to move around and between cities. This will take place, including, and thanks to technology type EVER.

Engineers around the world are thinking about how to force to charge the batteries of electric vehicles as quickly as possible. For now, in most cases, it takes five to ten hours. Of course, there is the development of Nissan reducing this figure to 10 minutes, but so far in a massive operation, they did not.

However, a group of Japanese students from Toyohashi University of Technology have decided to approach this issue from a completely different side. These young engineers I suggest not to spend separate time for charging the batteries of cars. After all, this thing can be made directly during trips on the freeway! This is the meaning of technology EVER.

The essence of the described technology is to equip the road with special power lines under a six-inch layer of asphalt or concrete. Such a coating thickness did not preclude electromagnetic induction, through which it will be possible to charge car batteries. Moreover, the receiver of electric waves will be embedded in the wheels of cars.

Of course, the deployment of EVER it will cost huge money. However, these costs are quite justified in the long term — the cost of its operation can be made to the transport tax!

Students from Toyohashi University of Technology sincerely believe that they have developed technology will be put into effect — it will allow to expand the sphere of operation of electric vehicles, to get rid of the main disadvantage of this type of vehicles. Moreover, EVER — it's not imagination of young engineers, and it is quite possible an existing and tested technology!

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