Eclipse DECT – a landline phone round


It is possible that the development of mobile technologies will soon lead to the complete disappearance of landline home and office phones. But yet they continue to exist. Moreover, like the mobile phone, constantly becoming more beautiful and functional. An example of this is round a landline phone Eclipse DECT.


The Eclipse DECT phone has the shape of a circle (to be more precise, the ellipse). One of its sides a little flattened to the device was the ability to stand on your desktop or on a shelf of the Cabinet. The upper part of this device is removable – this is the handset. Of course, there are no wires it's cordless!


Tube stationary Eclipse DECT phone has a full color screen, numeric keypad and control keys of the apparatus.


If the Eclipse DECT device to remove the tube, without the upper part it will look as if it were the moon during a lunar Eclipse. Hence the word "eclipse", "Eclipse" in the title of this unusual, highly aesthetic and functional landline phone.

Source: /users/78


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