10 commandments for a good beginner workouts

1. No hurry 

Yes, I want everything at once. You tend to take more weight, to seem cool. "It is better to be than to seem" — excessive weight will not add you to the steepness. But injury and lack of results — please. Too much weight will not allow you to work in the correct technique that will invariably affect your performance. Look around in the hall. All these big guys got big because they started small and built up their strength gradually. So just be patient and the result will not keep itself waiting.

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2. Not copy 

A beginner who is armed with a "miracle program" training of another athlete, especially a professional, is likely doomed to failure. In bodybuilding everything individually. The level of training, the challenges facing different athletes, even the rhythm of life — all play a role. You need to find your way, your exercises and techniques that will be effective for you. Consult a Pro, to notice nuances, but not copied.


3. Don't do too much cardio

Slim guys, and so hard to gain muscle mass, but there is also a treadmill or exercise bike, which take too much energy. Of course, if you are overweight, cardio will be the way. But remember that to fulfill them it before strength training, but it is better in a single day.

4. Do not practice too long

Doing 20 approaches in the bench press, you will achieve only what your muscles will be overloaded, poorly to recover and to weaken. Besides growth hormone and testosterone increased in the first 45 minute workout, and then comes the cortisol, which will negate all your efforts.


5. Don't dwell on small scales

A lot of guys who came into the gym to lose weight, just torture themselves a large number of repetitions with small weights. It work better with more weight burns fat. So reconsider your program and add "pancakes" on the rod.

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6. Do not drive yourself

Don't try to squeeze in a workout as many exercises and sets, supersets, "negatives" and do it all without rest. It's great that you have a lot of energy, but that doesn't mean you have to spend all her in the hall. Leave a little on the recovery. Plus, working at a furious pace, you won't be able to concentrate on technique and large scales.


7. Don't forget about nutrition

Whatever cool program you have may be, without adequate food to build muscle will fail. People need to eat regularly, 4-6 times a day, and don't forget about protein shakes and gainers that can replace one or more meals.


8. Do not round off the back

The spine is what keeps your still not very muscular body. He is involved in many exercises, but his injury could lead to serious problems. Watch your back. Try to keep it as even as possible, when working with large weights, use a weightlifting belt and do not neglect the insurance.


9. Don't hold your breath

Another thing which is often overlooked. Breath holding during exercise could increase the pressure and even damage to blood vessels. Breathe freely. In some cases, the breath is justified, but to execute it properly and only trained athletes.

10. Don't go to the gym without a purpose

Otherwise it will not last long. Motivation is something that will force you to practice using "can't", "don't want" and "can not". Set a goal (only real) and go to her. When you see the result, you'll understand why all these tons shovelled iron and liters of sweat. And, with a strong body and head will move into the new dream!

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