EDV-01: a comfortable temporary housing.


Natural disasters occur regularly around the world and force people to leave their homes and temporarily reside in tent camps or on the premises of public institutions to eliminate their consequences. The Japanese company Daiwa Lease to provide to victims a comfortable living environment, has created a unique temporary housing EDV-01 Disaster Response Unit, the concept of which was first demonstrated in January 2011.

Temporary housing EDV-01 is a compact residential block, designed for a one-month Autonomous two persons. Its dimensions match the dimensions of a standard container for international traffic, so temporary housing can be easily delivered by land, water and air. When you install a residential unit EDV-01 its outer walls rise and form a second floor just for 260 seconds. On the first floor of the structure housed a kitchen, a bathroom, a toilet and life support system, and a second living space for work and leisure.

Temporary housing EDV-01 is provided with electricity through solar panels and hydrogen fuel cells, the excessively produced electricity is accumulated lithium batteries. The bathroom and kitchen of a residential unit supplied with industrial water from 800l tank, drinking water is produced by the condensation of moisture from the air, and the toilet works without water. The relationship of the inhabitants of the temporary home with the outside world is through satellite technology. Company Daiwa Lease does not report the cost of residential unit EDV-01, does not have any orders on him and plans to reduce its size.

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