The fastest animal on Earth

The fastest animal on Earth broke its own speed record. The female Cheetah Sarah ran 100 meters in 5,95 seconds with a maximum speed of 98 km/h.

This record by almost 4 seconds is superior to achieve the fastest man, Sprinter Usain Bolt, who took part in the Olympic games in London. That he holds the world record in running on 100 metres (9,58 seconds).

Sarah is the owner and past record of the fastest animal in 2009 she showed the result of 6.13 seconds (max speed — 96 km/h). Before that the record was Nana Cheetah from South Africa, overcame the sprint for of 6.19 seconds in 2001. Sarah 11 years old and she lives in the Cincinnati zoo.

The race was conducted in late June on a special track, designed by the American track and field technical Council on the treadmill. Sarah was chasing a toy, breaking the record in the first race.

Cheetahs are the fastest animals on Earth thanks to the structure of the spine. Due to its length and flexibility, they are able to overcome one jump up to 7 meters. In addition, these animals can vary the frequency hopping, changing, thus, and speed. According to scientists, this ability is special, other fast animals make the same number of jumps in a certain period of time regardless of how fast they run.

While running, cheetahs are maneuvering with the clutches. According to various estimates, will live between 9 to 12 thousands of individuals, and their existence is under threat.


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