The "Hungarian sea"

The lake is 77 km long that stretches along the edge of Transdanubia, is one of the major geographic jewels of Hungary, given by nature. The Balaton with an area of about 600 square kilometers is the largest lake in Central Europe. Millions of years ago this place was a real sea, and now the lake Balaton is one of the most popular places to stay in Hungary.

Because of its shallow waters the southern shore of lake Balaton is more suitable for families with children, but the Northern part of the lovers of secluded and romantic getaway. The water and the silky mud at the bottom are beneficial to health and calm the nervous system. Like any lake, Balaton, it is best to know with water. The choice is varied: Windsurfing, water skiing, sailing. Pay special attention to walks and excursions on ships: entertainment on Board will surprise even experienced travellers.

The main natural attraction of lake Balaton is the Tihany Peninsula, jutting into the lake at 5 km, and dividing it in half is a conservation area with unique flora and fauna. Church with two towers in Baroque style, built on the site of the Benedictine Abbey of the XI century – a kind of calling card of the Peninsula. Now Tihany is a modern tourist center with excellent beaches and luxury hotels.

At the same time, there is a sense of the atmosphere of the past centuries, with many old houses, covered with reeds or shingles. Balaton happy guests on any budget. Around the lake great selection of places to stay: from luxury hotels to youth hostels. Another plus of this resort is the proximity to our country. To the "Hungarian sea" is easily accessible by bus, train or plane.

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