Intolerance of family-reality — reason for computer addiction in children

The main reason for computer addiction – intolerance family reality, the child goes online.

HYPER – prevents the child's self-esteem, reduces self-esteem and confidence, encourages dependence of the child from the parents.

The unborn child is a family member.

Thus, the subject of our conversation — our love for our children that can bring harm. If you take the age is from 1 year to three years. It was at this time according to Erickson, "is the period of development of "Independence and indecision".


Sometimes moms are destroying the independence of their child.

Very often sections, in which children go, this is a continuation of pending heights parents. It should not be done, it is the desire of the parents, not the child.

Motto: "I never failed – I will do everything that a child did it". IT is the desire, not the child.

The dictatorial policy education methods you need, you're the future man – a road to nowhere.

A constructive approach to raising a child.

1.Child – family.

2.Teach child to be independent.

3.Child family member – but not the "navel of the earth."

4.If a child is than it treats – do not give up.

5.Match the child of his choice and not yours.

6.The children say please quiet tone.

By following these rules, you can see the child independent, and consequently less of the inspired which life is real, not illusory more interesting .

Games need children. But I must be designed (created) conditions –the observance of the relations child – parent in the form of games!

The desire to convey information to the child in the form of a game where the basis of everything in life and family — love and respect. published


Author: Alexander Grebnev




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